Danish composer Carl Nielsen wrote this hymn and incorporated it into the third movement of his Wind Quintet; Lynch wrote the hymn text in 2000 in memory of his friend Beverly Kesler, who was instrumental in welcoming him into the Episcopal Church when he joined in 1983, and who died of cancer in 1996.


FVM 1009The Love of God (Unison or SATB, optional accpmt.)
 Duration: 2:30 minutes
 Text: Francis L. Lynch © 2000
 Music: Carl Nielsen (1865-1931)
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Text: The three verses are intended to reflect the different persons of the Trinity, although they do not present them in the traditional order.The breath of God is an ancient metaphor for the Holy Spirit, while it is the voice of God the Father that creates the world in Genesis; the third verse can be considered a lengthy paraphrase of John 3:16 and equates God’s love with the person of his son Jesus Christ. Copyright © 2000 by Francis L. Lynch.

The breath of God brings life to all,
And urges all our prayers;
Its warmth enfolds both great and small
And eases all our cares.
In wind and storm we feel its power;
Its life fills all the air.
In times of joy, in darkest hour,
The Comforter is there.

The voice of God calls everyone
To new lives filled with grace.
WIthin our hearts the echoes run
And fill an empty space.
We hear it in the quiet hush
Beyond all human noise;
It calls from life's frantic rush,
And speaks of heav'nly joys.

The love of God seeks every heart
To lead it to love's source;
We turn away, but cannot part
From its relentless force.
Beyond the reach of earthly powers
In grace that our God sends,
If we love Christ, it shall be ours:
The life that never ends.